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Upper Fuser Roller, Lower Pressure Roller, Pickup Roller for Samsung Upper Fuser Roller, Lower Pressure Roller, Pickup Roller for Samsung


Upper Fuser Roller, Lower Pressure Roller, Pickup Roller for Samsung

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We are the professional manufacturer of compatiable printer and copier parts.
We sell both original and OEM printer parts, such as Fuser film sleeves, Pick up roller, Fuser Assembly. We also sell the copier parts, at present we produce the product for HP, Lexmark, Kyocera, Brother and other brands, we also have the parts for many brand printer and copier.

Every product with problem of the quality can be returned to us.

Samsung Spare Parts For Laser Printer
For use in Samsung SCX-4216F/4116/4016
SAMSUNGSCX-4216F/4116/4016Upper Fuser RollerJC66-00601A
SAMSUNGSCX-4216F/4116/4016Lower Sleeved RollerJC66-00600A
SAMSUNGSCX-4216F/4116/4016Transfer RollerJC66-00528A
SAMSUNGSCX-4216F/4116/4016Htr Lamp 220V4713-001183
SAMSUNGSCX-4216F/4116/4016Htr Lamp 120V4713-001182
SAMSUNGSCX-4216F/4116/4016Upper Roller GearJC66-00564A
SAMSUNGSCX-4216F/4116/4016Paper Pick-Up TireJC72-01231A
SAMSUNGSCX-4216F/4116/4016Separation Pad TireN/A
For use in Samsung ML1210/1250/1520P
SAMSUNGML1210/1250/1520PUpper Fuser RollerJC71-00012B
SAMSUNGML1210/1250/1520PLower Sleeved RollerJC75-00130A
SAMSUNGML1210/1250/1520PUpper Roller GearN/A
SAMSUNGML1210/1250/1520PHtr Lamp 220V4713-001121
SAMSUNGML1210/1250/1520PSeparation Pad TireJC75 -00052A
For use in Samsung ML1510/1710/1740/1750
SAMSUNGML1510/1710/1740/1750Upper Fuser RollerJC66-00601A
SAMSUNGML1510/1710/1740/1750Lower Sleeved RollerJC66-00600A
SAMSUNGML1510/1710/1740/1750Transfer RollerJC66-00528A
SAMSUNGML1510/1710/1740/1750Htr Lamp 220V4713-001183
SAMSUNGML1510/1710/1740/1750Htr Lamp 120V4713-001182
SAMSUNGML1510/1710/1740/1750Upper Roller GearJC66-00564A
SAMSUNGML1510/1710/1740/1750Upper Roller Bushing N/A
SAMSUNGML1510/1710/1740/1750Thermoswitch (OEM)N/A
SAMSUNGML1510/1710/1740/1750Thermistor (OEM)N/A
SAMSUNGML1510/1710/1740/1750Upper Picker Finger (OEM)N/A
SAMSUNGML1510/1710/1740/1750Paper Pick-Up TireJC72-01231A
SAMSUNGML1510/1710/1740/1750Separation Pad TireJC73-00140A

For use in Samsung SCX4100
SAMSUNGSCX4100Upper Fuser RollerJC71-00012B
SAMSUNGSCX4100Lower Sleeved RollerJC66-00731A
SAMSUNGSCX4100Transfer RollerJC66-00528A
SAMSUNGSCX4100Htr Lamp 220V4713-001183
SAMSUNGSCX4100Htr Lamp 120V4713-001182
SAMSUNGSCX4100Upper Roller GearJC66-00037C
SAMSUNGSCX4100Upper Roller Bushing JC61-00948A JC61-00947A
SAMSUNGSCX4100Paper Pick-Up TireJC72-01231A
SAMSUNGSCX4100Separation PadJC61-00580A
For use in Samsung ML1610/1615
SAMSUNGML1610/1615Upper Fuser RollerJC66-00601A
SAMSUNGML1610/1615Lower Sleeved RollerJC66-00600A
SAMSUNGML1610/1615Upper Roller GearJC66-00564A
SAMSUNGML1610/1615Upper Roller Bushing JC61-00589A JC61-00590A
SAMSUNGML1610/1615Htr Lamp 230V600W4713-001202
SAMSUNGML1610/1615Paper Pick-Up RollerN/A
SAMSUNGML1610/1615Separation PadJC97-02217A
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