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Ru5-0018-000 Fuser Gear for HP4200, 4250, 4300, 4350, 4345 Laser Printer

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RU5-0018-000 Fuser Gear for HP4200, 4250, 4300, 4350, 4345 laser printer
All are with good condition just like ORIGINAL QUALITY

He production lines covers almost a whole line of copier and laser printer part, such as lower sleeved roller, separation roller, cleaning roller assembly, heating element, upper picker finger, thermistor, corona wire spring, drum picker finger, upper roller bushing, drum cleaning blade, toner cartridges, transfer roller, wiper blades, fuser fixing film, etc.
We mainly operate brands such as Sumsung, Brother, Canon, Konica Minolta, HP, Ricoh, Toshiba, etc.
We can also offer more spare parts for the following

For use in HP LaserJet 4200/4300
HPLaserJet 4200Maintenance Kit 110V (Rbt)Q2429-69005
HPLaserJet 4200Maintenance Kit 220V (Rbt)Q2430-69005
HPLaserJet 4300Maintenance Kit 110V (Rbt)Q2436-67901
HPLaserJet 4300Maintenance Kit 220V (Rbt)Q2437-69007
HPLaserJet 4200Fuser Assembly 110V (Rbt)RM1-0013-000
HPLaserJet 4200Fuser Assembly 220V (Rbt)RM1-0014-000
HPLaserJet 4300 Fuser Assembly 110V (Rbt)RM1-0101-000
HPLaserJet 4300Fuser Assembly 220V (Rbt)RM1-0102-000
HPLaserJet 4200Fuser Fixing Film (OEM)RM1-0013-film
HPLaserJet 4200Fuser Fixing Film (Japan)RM1-0013-film
HPLaserJet 4300Fuser Fixing Film (OEM)RM1-0101-film
HPLaserJet 4200/4300Heating Element 110VRM1-0013-HEAT RM1-0101-HEAT
HPLaserJet 4200/4300Heating Element 220VRM1-0014-HEAT RM1-0102-HEAT
HPLaserJet 4200Laser Scanner AssemblyRM1-0173-000
HPLaserJet 4300Laser Scanner AssemblyRM1-0183-000
HPLaserJet 4300OEM Formatter BoardC9651-67902
HPLaserJet 4200/4300Lower Sleeved RollerRC1-0070-000
HPLaserJet 4200/4300Transfer Roller AssemblyRM1-0699-000
HPLaserJet 4200/4300New Paper Feed Roller (OEM)RM1-0037-020
HPLaserJet 4200/4300New Paper Pickup Roller (OEM)RM1-0036-020
HPLaserJet 4200/4300Paper Pick-Up Roller-Tray1(OEM)RL1-0019-000
HPLaserJet 4200/4300Paper Feed RollerRM1-0037-000
HPLaserJet 4200/4300Paper Pick-Up RollerRM1-0036-000
HPLaserJet 4200/4300Paper Pick-Up Roller-Tray1RL1-0019-000
HPLaserJet 4200/4300Separation Pad Assembly (OEM)RG5-5281-020
HPLaserJet 4200/4300Face-up Roller AssemblyDR-4300
HPLaserJet 4200/4300Lower Roller Gear 40TRU5-0016-000
HPLaserJet 4200/4300Fuser Gear 27TRU5-0017-000
HPLaserJet 4200/4300Fuser Gear 18TRU5-0018-000
HPLaserJet 4200/4300Fuser Gear 14TRU5-0019-000
HPLaserJet 4200/4300Fuser Gear 15T/41TRU5-0020-000
HPLaserJet 4200/4300Fuser Gear 14TRU5-0021-000
HPLaserJet 4200/4300Fuser Drive Gear 51TRU5-0044-000
HPLaserJet 4200/4300Fuser Drive Gear W/Bushing 41TRU5-0277-000
HPLaserJet 4200/4300Swing plate AssemblyRM1-0043-020
HPLaserJet 4200/4300Lower Roller Bushing LeftRC1-3361-000
HPLaserJet 4200/4300Lower Roller Bushing RightRC1-3362-000
HPLaserJet 4200/4300Fuser Holding LeftRC1-0091-000
HPLaserJet 4200/4300Fuser Holding RightRL1-0497-000
HPLaserJet 4200Fuser Flange LeftFLNG-4200-L
HPLaserJet 4200Fuser Flange RightFLNG-4200-R
HPLaserJet 4200/4300Fuser Guide DeliveryRC1-0062-000
HPLaserJet 4200Cover Asm LeftRC1-0075-000
HPLaserJet 4200Cover Asm RightRC1-0073-000
HPLaserJet 4300Cover Asm LeftRC1-0076-000
HPLaserJet 4300Cover Asm RightRC1-0073-000
HPLaserJet 4200/4300Lower Fuser Feed GuideRC1-0072-000
HPLaserJet 4200/4300Upper Fuser Feed GuideRC1-0387-000
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