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RM can offer you all kinds of good quality ricoh and gestetner spare parts
Gear series
C207-5231secondary paper feeding gearshortimport bearing
C209-5200secondary paper feeding gearlong
C209-5220first paper feeding geara3/b4
C203-5184paper feeding fan-shaped gearvt/ss
C213-2218drum mother gearb4/a3use import compound metal with wear-resisting gear.
C219-4560drum gearb4/a3
C252-1160drum mother gear780/2800
C238-2368drum gear780/1250
C203-2215main power slanted gearb4/a3
C223-5096ricoh lift gearvt
C238-1160drum mother gear3800/5425
C267-1160dx3440 drum mother geardx3440
5506-4169ricoh vt pickup rollerb4/a3
5506-4169ricoh vt pickup rollerb4/a3
C252-2802ricoh jp pickup roller780/5410
C252-2802ricoh jp pickup roller780/5410
C238-2835ricoh jp pickup roller2800/5425high wear-risisting material, strong rubbing power.
C238-2835ricoh jp pickup roller2800/5425
C238-2835ricoh jp pickup roller5000/5450
C238-2835ricoh jp pickup roller5000/5450
C231-2831ricoh jp pickup roller5300/1045
C252-2802ricoh pickup roller axis780c
C252-2811ricoh paper-feeding white pulley(six PCS one set)jp1045
C238-2894ricoh paper-feeding white pulley(six PCS one set)jp2800
C521-1251ricoh paper-feeding white pulley(four PCS one set)5300
C207-5148ricoh paper-feeding white pulley(five PCS one set)a3
C219-5008ricoh paper-feeding white pulley(three PCS one set)5327
C237-3875ricoh paper receiving gear780cwithout gear
C237-2460ricoh drum one-way gearjp780c
C238-2460ricoh drum one-way gear2800/5428
C238-3975ricoh paper receiving gear3800/5425
C252-1173ricoh paper receiving gear780c
C238-2835ricoh pickup roller axisjp2800
C200-6058ricoh paper receiving gear28tb4/a3
C219-2214ricoh paper receiving gear 40tb4/a3
Belt series
C219-3611/3612ricoh master removal belt (a)b4
Ricoh master transfer beltvt1650
Ricoh master transfer beltss
C231-3878ricoh master transfer belt5410import material, original color, with words the same as original.
Roller and plate series
C224-5556ricoh vt pressure rollera3original color, with import gear.
C224-5555ricoh vt pressure rollerb4
C252-3050ricoh jp780c pressure rollerb4original color, roller surface is even, with import gear and plastic roller.
C252-3050ricoh jp780c pressure rollerb4
C238-3064ricoh jp3800c pressure rollera3
C238-3064ricoh jp3800c pressure rollera3
C231-3050ricoh jp1045c pressure rollerb4
C231-3050ricoh jp1045c pressure rollerb4
C248-3050ricoh jp5300c pressure rollerb4
C248-3050ricoh jp5300c pressure rollerb4
G-022 ricoh jp5000 drum skira3
C224-4063sponge sleevevt
Dx4443 pressure rollerb4
Separator sheet
5507-6055ricoh separator sheeta3
5507-6056ricoh separator sheetb4
C238-2877ricoh jp stripper sheet with bracket5425/2800high wear-resisting, strong rubbing power
C252-2820ricoh jp stripper sheet with bracket5410c/780
C238-2877ricoh jp stripper sheet with bracket3800/5428
C237-28045300/5428 stripper sheet5300/5428
C237-28065300/5428 stripper bracket5300/5428
C231-2861ricoh jp stripper sheet with bracket1045
C231-6050ricoh paper-receiving separatorvtb4
C209-6233ricoh paper-receiving separatora3
Ink board/sensor series
C229-5807ricoh regist.Sensorjp780coriginal
A0105700ricoh regist.Sensorjp1250
Aw020075ricoh regist.Sensorvt
Ricoh jp drum regist.Sensor5300/1250
Ricoh jp drum regist.Sensor2800/3800
C218-8116ricoh vt/ss b4/a3
Other series
Q-003c201-4665ricoh white triangle bracket5327
Q-004c203-4542ricoh ink pinkvt/ss
Q-005c252-2471ricoh jp ink pink780c
Q-047c247-2471ricoh jp ink pinkjp2800
Q-006c238-2471ricoh jp ink pink3800
Q-007c203-4524vt screen spring2200/5327
Q-008c200-5106ricoh seperator spring2200
Q-046c209-4814ricoh ink blocking sheeta3
Q-020 ricoh ink blocking sheetjp780c
Q-021 ricoh ink blocking sheetjp3800
Q-024c252-2401ricoh jp clamp solenoid780coriginal
Q-025c231-2401ricoh jp clamp solenoid1250
Q-026c231-2423 b4
Q-038 ricoh thermal headvtb4
Q-039 ricoh thermal headjp2800
Q-041c219-8296vt screen springb4/a3
Q-0425507-6060 b4/a3
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