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Gestetner CPI7 Duplicator Ink Gestetner CPI7 Duplicator Ink


Gestetner CPI7 Duplicator Ink

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  • CPI7

  • RM


  • China

  • Wood Print

  • Compatible

  • Ink

  • Dye Type

  • 500ml

  • Customised

  • Huangpu, China

  • 50000PCS/Month

  • L/C, T/T, Western Union, Money Gram

VOL: 600ML
For use in: 5300 5428C
Inside box size: 385*125*105
Outside box size: 400*285*235
Inner packing:
5 cartridges/box
Box dimensions: 385 X 130 X 107mm

Outer packing:
4 boxes/CTN
Carton dimensions: 400 X 275 X
ink for duplicator
Type Model Volume
For Riso duplicator GR/RP/FR/RN 1000ml
RZ/RV/EZ/ES/MZ(with chips) 1000ml
CZ/KZ/CV(with chips) 800ml
CR/TR/KS 800ml
For Ricoh duplicator DX3442/DX3443/CP6301/CP6302 500ml
VT/CP12/CPT1 500ml
JP-6/CP16/CPT2 500ml
JP-12/CP17/CPT3 500ml
JP-7C/CPT5/JP-14C/CPT7 500ml
HQ-40C/CPT11 500ml
JP-10/CP15 1000ml
For Duplo duplicator 514 600ml
ND24 600ml
DS-14L/DA14/DU14 600ml

We can also offer the other good quality INK: 500ml, 600ml, 1000ml. Black, blue, red, yellow, green, gold
VT B4 (100m) 46*280mm VT2100, 2150, 2200, 2250
VT A4 (100m) 46*240mm VT2100, 2150, 2200, 2250
VT A3 (100m) 50.5*320mm VT3300, 3500, 3650, 3750, 3820, 3950
SS B4 (100m) 50.5*320mm SS series, GESTETNER: 5110, 5210
JP-7 B4/G5 (50m) 43*280mm JP780
JP10/T15 B4 (100m) 50.5*280mm JP1054, JP1050, JP1055
JP12 B4 (100m) 50.5*280mm JP1250, JP2800
JP30 A3 (100m) 50.5*320mm JP3800, G5428
JP50 A3 (100m) 38.5*320mm JP5000, GESTETNER: 5450
JP80 A3 (100m) 50.5*320mm JP8000, JP8510P

CPMT1/T3 B4 (100m) 50.5*280mm SS series, GESTETNER: 5110, 5210
CPMT5 B4 (100m) 46*280mm GESTETNER: 5327, 5329, 5330, 5360
CPMT6 A3 (100m) 50.5*320mm GESTETNER: 5330, 5360
CPMT9 B4 (100m) 46*280mm GESTETNER: 5327, 5329, 5330, 5360
CPMT8 A4 (100m) 46*240mm GESTETNER: 5327, 5329, 5330, 5360
CPMT13 A3 (100m) 38*320mm JP5000, GESTETNER: 5450
CPMT15 B4 (100m) 48*280mm JP1050, G5360, NASHUACP306, CD5300
CPMT16 A4 (100m) 48*240mm G5308
CPMT17 B4 (100m) 50.5*280mm G5308B
CPMT18 A3 (100m) 50.5*320mm G5385 JP8000, G5490/Savin 3460DNP
CPMT19 A3 (100m) 50.5*320mm G5430
G1 B4 (100m) 46*280mm GESTETNER: 5327, 5329, 5330, 5360
G1 A4 (100m) 46*240mm GESTETNER: 5327, 5329
JP-75B4 (100m) 50*280mm JP785
JP-14B4 (100m) 50.5*280mm DX3440
G7B4 (100m) 50.5*280mm G6300
G55 B4 (100m) 50*280mm G6200
G11/CPMT23 50*320mm JP4510/G6245P/DX4542/4543/4443
HQ 35 B4 50*280mm Gestetner6401, DX4443
G5/CPMT21 B4 (50m) 43*280mm GESTETNER: 5410
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