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Drum Cleaning/Doctor/Wiper Blade for Minolta Ep1050/1052/1080/1081/1054/2030 (1139-0902-01)

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  • 1139-0902-01
  • Minolta
  • Blade
  • RM
  • Made in China
  • Huangpu, China
  • Regular
  • L/C, T/T, Western Union, Money Gram
RM can offer you good quality spare parts for all copier and printer spare parts with original quality for Canon HP RICOH Toshiba SHARP KONICA MINOLTA KYOCERA MITA Samsung BROTHER XEROX Panasonic

The hot selling parts are as following"

Primary charge roller, upper fuser roller(hot roller), lower pressure roller, drum cleaning blade, chips, magnetic roller, OPC drum, drum unit, developer. Paper pick up roller, Fuser Fixing Film, transfer roller, speration, paper feed roller. Fuser Gear, lamp, upper picker finger, spring, hot roller, cleaning roller(oil roller),
Drum Cleaning/Doctor/Wiper Blade for Minolta Ep1050/1052/1080/1081/1054/2030 (1139-0902-01)
Drum Cleaning/Doctor/Wiper Blade for Minolta Ep1050/1052/1080/1081/1054/2030 (1139-0902-01)

RM can offer you good quality Drum cleaning/Wiper/Docet blade for for MINOLTA EP1050/1052/1080/1081/1054/2030 1139-0902-01
For use in Minolta Spare Parts For Copier
MINOLTA EP-1050/1052/1080/1083/2010/2080
MINOLTA EP-1080/1050 Upper Fuser Roller 1139-5562-01
MINOLTA EP-1052/1054/1083 Upper Fuser Roller 1174-5521-02
MINOLTA EP-1050/1080/1081 Lower Sleeved Roller 1139-5522-01
MINOLTA EP-1052/1054/1083 Lower Sleeved Roller 1151-5522-01
MINOLTA EP-1050/1080/1052/1083 Upper Cleaning Roller 1139-5525-01
MINOLTA EP-1030/1031 Drum Cleaning Blade 1159-5501-05
MINOLTA EP-1050/1080/1052/1083 Drum Cleaning Blade
MINOLTA EP-1050/1080/1051 Exp Lamp 160v240w 9351-2310-41
MINOLTA EP-1050/1080/1051 Exp Lamp 80v225w 9351-2310-31
MINOLTA EP-1030/1031 Exp Lamp 160v200w 1159-7819-01
MINOLTA EP-1054/1083/1085/2030 Exp Lamp 160v240w 9351-2610-21
MINOLTA EP-1054/1083/1085/2030 Exp Lamp 80v225w 9351-2610-11
MINOLTA EP-1052/1054/1083 1085/2030 Upper Roller Bushing 1151-5610-02
MINOLTA EP-1050/1052/1054 3000/3050 Lower Roller Bearing 1065-5871-01
MINOLTA EP-1052/1083/1054 1085/2030 Thermistor 9372-2610-11
MINOLTA EP-1050/1080/1052 1083/2050/2080 Upper Picker Finger 1054-4753-01
MINOLTA EP-1050/1080/1052 1083/2050/2080 Lower Picker Finger 1054-3765-13
MINOLTA EP-1050/1080/2080 Spacer Roller,Front 1139-5204-01
MINOLTA EP-1050/1080 Spacer Roller,Rear 1139-5206-01
MINOLTA EP-1052/1054/1083 1085/2010/2030 Upper Roller Gear 38T 1151-5532-02
MINOLTA EP-1050/1080/1054 Developer Gear 23T/24T 1139-5220-01
MINOLTA EP-1050/1080 Developer Gear 22T 1139-5224-01
MINOLTA EP-1050/1080/2010/2080 Lever Sensor 1139-5542-01
MINOLTA EP-2050/2080/3050/4050/4000/5000
MINOLTA EP-2050/3050/4050/4000 Upper Fuser Roller 1076-5802-01
MINOLTA EP-2080/2051/3000 Upper Fuser Roller 1012-5521-01
MINOLTA EP-5000 Upper Fuser Roller 1156-5802-01
MINOLTA EP-2051/2080 Lower Sleeved Roller 1149-5522-01
MINOLTA EP-3050/4050/4000 Lower Sleeved Roller 1052-1710-01
MINOLTA EP-5000 Lower Sleeved Roller 1156-5803-01
MINOLTA EP-4000/5000 Fuser Cleaning Roller 1136-5782-02
MINOLTA EP-3000 Fuser Cleaning Roller 1173-5782-02
MINOLTA EP-2050/3050/4000/5000 Drum Cleaning Blade 1136-0901-01
MINOLTA EP-2080 Exp Lamp 160v290w 9351-2610-41
MINOLTA EP-2050/3050/4050 Exp Lamp 160v250w 9351-2310-81
MINOLTA EP-3000/4000/5000 Exp Lamp 80v262w 9351-2610-31
MINOLTA EP-3000/4000/5000 Exp Lamp 160v290w 9351-2610-41
MINOLTA EP-2050/3050/4050 4000/5000 Upper Roller Bushing 1136-5813-01 1079-5523-02
MINOLTA EP-2050/3050/4050 4000/5000 Upper Roller Bearing 1300-4394-22
MINOLTA EP-2050/2080 Lower Roller Bearing 1065-5871-01
MINOLTA EP-4000/5000/3050/4050 Lower Roller Bearing 1300-4394-29
MINOLTA EP-2080 Upper Roller Bearing 1012-5531-01
MINOLTA EP-2080 Thermistor 9372-2610-11
MINOLTA EP-2050/3050/4050 Thermistor 9372-2310-31
MINOLTA EP-3050/4050/4000/5000 Upper Picker Finger 0966-5770-01
MINOLTA EP-2050/3050/4050 Upper Roller Gear 42T 1136-5773-02
MINOLTA EP-4000/5000 Fuser Gear 20T 1156-5823-01
MINOLTA EP-4000/5000 Fuser Gear 24T 1156-5786-01
MINOLTA EP-2050/2080 Spacer Roller Front 1139-5204-01
MINOLTA EP-2050/2080 Spacer Roller Rear 1136-5004-01
MINOLTA EP-2050/2080 Duplex Separation Roller-PU 4425-0151-02
MINOLTA EP-2050/3050/4050 4000/5000 Bypass Feed Roller-PU 4002-3216-01
MINOLTA EP-3000/3050/4050 4000/5000 Separation Roller-PU 4479-0152-01
MINOLTA EP-6000/6001/6002/6003
MINOLTA EP-6000/6001/6002 Upper Fuser Roller 1075-5768-01
MINOLTA EP-6000/6001/6002 Lower Sleeved Roller 1129-2021-01
MINOLTA EP-6001 Fuser Cleaning Web 1145-5801-01
MINOLTA EP-6000 Fuser Cleaning Web 1074-5787-01
MINOLTA EP-6000/6001/6002 Drum Cleaning Blade 1075-0902-01
MINOLTA EP-6000/6001 Exp Lamp 90v220w 9351-2310-91
MINOLTA EP-6000/6001 Exp Lamp 160v250w 9351-2311-01
MINOLTA EP-6000/6001 Htr Lamp 240v1040w 9352-2311-92
MINOLTA EP-6000/6001/6002/6003 Lower Roller/Bearing 1300-4394-26
MINOLTA EP-6000/6001/6002/6003 Upper Roller/Bearing 1075-5771-01
MINOLTA EP-6000/6001 Upper Picker Finger 1074-5701-01
MINOLTA EP-6000/6001 Lower Picker Finger 1075-5757-01
MINOLTA EP-6000/6001 Thermistor 9372-2310-52
MINOLTA EP-6000 Spacer Roller 1075-5044-01
MINOLTA EP-6001/6002/6003 Spacer Roller 1075-5045-01
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