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Compatible Toner Cartridges for Sharp Ar-310 FT St at Toner Cartirdges

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  • AR310
  • RM
  • Customised
  • China
  • Sharp
  • Compatible
  • a-si Drum
  • Integration
  • Regular, Regular
  • OEM Quality
  • Huangpu, China
  • 500000PCS/Month
  • L/C, T/T

Compatible toner cartridges for SHARP AR-310 FT ST AT toner cartirdges

1. Color: Black

2. Powder load: 450 (Chinese powder or Mitsubishi powder depends on your need)

3. Yield life: K-18000 pages

4. Used for machine: AR 275; AR 255; AR M276; AR M318; AR M235; AR M237; AR 5127

5. MOQ: 10 PCS, welcome samples order

6. Delivery time: 3-7 working days

7. Condition: Empty toner cartridge is brand new with high quality toner powder

8. High capacity, more economical

9. Strictly technical & multiple tested before leaving our factory. 100% test before ex-factory, 100% guaranteed

10. We have our own factory, offering best price&high quality&Excellent service.

11. We can also supply toner cartridges for Kyocera, for Canon, for Ricoh, for Sharp, for Konica Minolta, for Xerox, for Toshiba, etc wich is suitable for Printer/Copier/Fax or All-in-One office devices.
Sharp Capacity For use in
SF116/126ST 280g SF1016/1018/1118/1020/1120/3025
SF230 600g SF-2030/2530/2025
240ST 600g SF-2040/2540
AR016 FT/FT/T 450g (chip)AR5316/5320/5015/5120/5220
AR202FT/ST/T 450g (chip)AR5316/5320/5015/5120/5220
AR020ST 450g (chip)AR5516/5520 D/N
AR021FT 450g (chip)AR5516/5520 D/N
AR310ST/FT 450g (chip)AR5625/5631/M258/318/5127/236/276/5127
AR270ST/FT 450g (chip)AR5625/5631/M258/318/5127/236/276/5127
AR168FT/T 300g (chip)AR-121/151/156/152
AR152NT 280g (chip)AR-158/121/156/152
MX235FT 500g (chip) AR5618/5620/5623
MX312FT 450g (chip)AR5726/5731/m260/m310/312
AR450FT/ST 814g (chip)ARM 280/300/350/450/ARP350/450
AR455NT 814g (chip) ARM 351/355/451/455
AR153ST-C 280g (chip)AR-158/151/156/152/AR153/158X/158S
AR022ST-C 300g (chip)AR-3020D/3821D/4821D/4020D/M180D/M210D/3818/4018/4021
AR021ST-C 537g (chip)AR-3020D/3821D/4821D/4020D/M180D/M210D/ 3818/4018/4021
AR203ST-C 500g (chip)AR163N/201N/206N/1818/1820/2616/2618/2620/2718N/2818/2820
AR204ST-C 300g (chip)AR163N/201N/206N/1818/1820/2616/2618/2620/2718N/2818/2820
AR209ST-C 450g (chip)AR-A208 / 208N / 208F / 208X
AR311ST-C 500g (chip)AR236/255/271/275/276/316/318/256/257/258
MX235CT 500g (chip)AR-1808 / 1808S / 2008 / 2008D / 2008L / 2308D / 2308 / 2035 / 2038 / 2328
MX236CT 264g (chip)AR1808/2008
AR451ST-C 814g (chip)AR-M280/310 / 420 / 350 / 450 / 351 / 451 / 355 / 455
AR456ST-C 814g (chip)AR-M350N/M450N/M351U/M451U/350U/450U
MX23(CMYK) BK:375g/CMY:195g (chip)MX2010U/2310U/3111U(EU/US)
MX27(CMYK) BK:440g/CMY:350g (chip)MX2300/2700(CN/US/EU)
MX31(CMYK) BK:440g/CMY:350g (chip)MX2600/3100(CN/US/EU)
MX36(CMYK) BK:375g/CMY:285g (chip)MX2610/3610/3110(EU/US)
MX38(CMYK) BK:215g/CMY:195g (chip)MXC380/311/310/401/402SC
MX51(CMYK) BK:775g/CMY:285g (chip)MX4110N/4111N/5110N/5111N/5112N(EU/US)
MX70(CMYK) BK:850g/CMY:550g (chip)MX70

Compatible Toner Cartridges for Sharp Ar-310 FT St at Toner Cartirdges

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