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Compatible Riso Fr/RP Paper (A3/A4/B4) Compatible Riso Fr/RP Paper (A3/A4/B4)


Compatible Riso Fr/RP Paper (A3/A4/B4)

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  • FR/RP MASTER(A3/A4/B4)

  • Compatible

  • Master

  • 400gsm

  • Mixed Pulp

  • A3

  • 3

  • Waterproof

  • Huangpu, China

  • 6970890

  • L/C, T/T, Western Union, Money Gram

RM can offer you duplicator ink & master like original quality for RISO, DUPLO, RICOH, GESTETNER series duplicator. We can offer customers high quality compatible RisoGraph ink in black / red / blue / yellow / green. As well we are also a supplier of bulk toner, toner cartridges and spare parts for Laser printers, Analogue copiers and Digital copiers.


) Model: FR/RP-A3

A) Dimensions (W X L): 320mm X 100m

B) Inside diameter: 45mm

C) Applicable duplicator models: RP3100, 3500, 3590, RP3700, 3790


Inner packing:

2 rolls/box

Box dimensions (L x W x H):

205 X 105 X 333mm (A3)

Outer packing:

5 boxes/CTN

Carton dimensions (L x W x H):

545 X 210 X 340mm (A3)

1, RISO RP/FR B4 master

2, High quality duplicator master 100% compatible for RICOH/GESTETNER series duplicator

3, For use with: RP210/250, FR291/293/293N/295/295N

4, Original Size: 45.3mm (Core dia) * 270mm (Width) * 100m (Length)

5, Weight: 0.50kgs/roll

6, Packing:

L Inner packing: 2rolls/box

L Outer packing: 5boxes/carton; 40rolls/carton

L Carton dimensions: 58mm * 47mm * 68mm (L * W * H)

Model: FR A4 MASTERFR A446mm227mm100m
GR (1000ml) GR3700/3710/3750/371/373 GRA3 40.5mm 320mm 100m
GR1710/1700/1750/2000/ GR B4 40.5mm 270mm 100m
GR700/2700/2710/2750 GR A4 40.5mm 227mm 100m
RA/RC (1000ml) RC3330/3350 RA/RC A3 38.5mm 320mm 100m
RC4500/5600D/5800 RA/RC B4 38.5mm 270mm 100m
RC/RA4000/4200/4500/5600 RA/RC A4 38.5mm 227mm 100m
GR/RP HD(1000ml) GR3770 GR 78 A3 45mm 320mm 100m
RP3770 RP 08 A3
RN (1000ml) RN2030/2050/2130/2150 RN B4 46.5mm 270mm 100m
RN2000/2100/2500 RN A4 46.5mm 227mm 100m
RP (1000ml) RP3100/350/3500/3500A/ RP 07 A3 45mm 320mm 100m
FR (1000ml) FR391/393/393N/395/395N FR A3 46mm 320mm 103m
FR291/293/293N/295/295N FR B4 465mm 270mm 100m
FR A4 46mm 227mm 100m
RZ/RV (1000ml) RV2450/2460/2490/3460/3490 RZ/RV B4 46mmm 270mm 109m
RV3650/3660/3690/5690/9690 RZ/RV A4 46mm 227mm 100m
RZ370/570 RZ/RV A3 445mm 320mm 108m
CR/TR (800ml) CR1600/1680/1630/1610 CR/TR B4 48.5mmm 270mm 93m
TR151/1510/1000/1550/1530 CR/TR A4 48.5mm 227mm 93m
KS (800ml) KS500/600/800 KS B4 36.5mm 270mm 47m
CZ (800ml) CZ180 CZ A4 48mm 270mm 100m
CZ1806 CZ B4 48mm 227mm 100m
EZ/EV (1000ml) EZ/EV220/200/230/300/330 EZ/EV B4 46mm 270mm 109m
370/390/570/590 EZ/EV A4 46mm 227mm 100m
EZ/EV A3 46mm 320mm 108m
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